Is it legit to use a free essay generator?

Essays are unavoidable in your academic life. Regardless of your current level of education, you will always encounter essay writing one way or the other. Most students in college or on-campus are typically busy with little or no time to write their own essays. This has led to the introduction of essay generators, which is still on the increase until now. There are several free essay generators online today that you can no longer tell if anyone genuinely writes their essays themselves. Nonetheless, they have been serving students and academia for a while now, and the question on minds is, “is it legit to use a free essay generator?” You’ll find out in this article.

What Exactly is an Essay Generator?

An essay generator is a website or a tool that takes your topic and automatically writes you a complete essay based on your requirements. These tools allow you to ask different types of questions and, with your keywords, make a unique essay on your topic. Regardless of your choice of topic or keywords, an essay generator will provide you with a report or feedback on your request.

They are gradually becoming dominant in colleges and higher learning institutions due to the level of convenience they offer. All you need is a topic and keywords, and then you relax for your essay to be auto-written. The essays generated are usually excellent and plagiarism free since they are being written by bots. Most times, when you are struggling with an essay, the legitimacy of the tool or generator might not come to mind – all you want to do is get it. Here’s what an essay generator offers:

  1. Automatically write an essay.
  2. Write essays on any topic.
  3. Provides you with uniquely paraphrased content
  4. You can know the exact number of words in your essay
  5. Provide you with plagiarism-free writing
  6. Takes away the burden of creating a bibliography of cited words

Is a Free Essay Generator Genuine or a Scam?

Essay generators typically use tested automated plagiarism checkers (some use more than one) to provide users with original content. In most cases, they make use of authoritative details that make your essay one of a kind and highly argumentative. The tools or websites have been programmed to give you the best from some of the most prominent works on your topic of interest. It is safe to say you’re getting the best from a long list of the best.

When writing essays on campuses or colleges, it is rare to create a new subject assigned to you or your group. That is, there is almost no topic or subject matter that hasn’t been researched before. This is why free essay generators can easily get you a well-written and articulated essay from the net. The generators provide you with these essays as the rightful owner. If you’re struggling with your research paper, course work, dissertation, or annotated bibliography, a free essay generator is a way to go.

How can You be Sure You are Getting a Legit Essay?

As a matter of fact, when you write your essay yourself, there’s a strong chance that you will provide bullet points similar to that of your colleagues since all of you received the same lectures. Your work might seem unique, but you never can tell if someone else in the class is sourcing the same material you’re using. You can’t really know if someone else is taking your approach to the subject.

However, with a free essay generator, you can rest assured that the content of your essay is completely original. Whatever source the rest of the class is using can’t be detected in your work – the automated bots make sure of that. The bottom line is, you can depend on algorithms to write you a legit essay since they are programmed to offer 100% uniqueness and nothing less. Another solution to be completely certain of the legitimacy of your online generated essay is to use another plagiarism checker.

Why are Essay Generators so Common?

As a student, your workload is endless as far as you’re aiming for distinction in your field. You have to do tons of research, aside from the ones assigned by your supervisor or lecturers. You need to stay ahead of the class, and so writing essays yourself might sometimes pose a serious challenge. No matter the size of an essay, it is usually the stress of conducting the needed research that is the problem.

Also, coupled with your life outside schooling, you may not always have enough time to accomplish all your assigned projects before their deadlines. In a situation like this, it might be best for you to seek the services of one of the numerous essay writing generators online. And as earlier mentioned, no matter the topic or size of your essay, you’ll be provided with fast and excellent support.

Imagine having some of the best works on your field put together for you in your essay. Completely original content – why wouldn’t it become rampant? Innovative programming has permitted the creation of credible textual content on even subjective topics. These essay generators effectively reorganize different works and reviews on the internet, replace words with sensible synonyms, and dish out plagiarism-free content. The process is only as long as it takes you to write down your topic. They are so beneficial that their legality is constantly being questioned by several prominent academia and other concerned individuals and organizations.

Are Essay Generator Sites Legal?

If you’re a student, you might be made to believe that essay writing generators are illegal and that you should flee from them. You might even detest essay writing as a whole and lookup solutions online only to find articles and blog posts talking about whether it is legal to use essay-generating websites. Numerous sources claim that a generating essay site is illegal. However, are they really illegal or just people’s opinions? Is seeking help from an essay generator a cheat?

The truth is it is not. As far as the US and the UK are concerned, there are no written laws against essay generating tools. Their illegality is merely people’s suggestion on the matter, and some even go as far as saying it is a crime that warrants arrest. Both essay writing services and essay automated generators are perfectly legal in the country. If you can utilize these tools properly, essay generators are highly powerful tools at your disposal, helping you successfully scale through all your courses.

Unfortunately, several network service providers are tough on essay generating sites. For instance, various payment processors and hosting servers don’t allow the use of their services as a result of what they refer to as “essay mills.” A perfect example is PayPal, which has placed a restriction on their payment gateway for any essay generating site or company

What to Know About Essay Generators and Essay Writing Companies?

There is some situation where using essay generators can bring you trouble. Essay cheating does exist and is very common, and you should be careful not to cheat. To be exact, when you order an essay from an essay-writing company (not the ones generated by algorithms) and take it as your work, that is a full-blown essay cheating. If caught, you are likely to fail the course and, worst-case scenario, expelled for plagiarism. Although, this doesn’t imply that all essay writing companies are like that, as most of them issue you the copyright of the work.

The appropriate way to make use of an essay ordered online is to acquire reference tools. You can choose to use the essay you got from an essay writing company to model yours and skillfully build yours. Even if essay writing companies are rampant and provide excellent articles, you should avoid essay cheating; rather, you should use it as a source to obtain original material to be used for your project.

However, for essay generators, these are programmed bots that work to provide you excellent and plagiarism-free essays from the best online. They are not written by humans, which is why the copyright automatically belongs to the user. Essay generators are great, but it is advisable that you proofread for any errors since it is written by bots. This is the major difference between ordering the services of an essay writing company and using an essay generator.

Is it Safe to Use Essay Generators?

Essay generators have existed for years and can absolutely be utilized by any student whose schedule too tight to write all their essays. It was introduced as a solution to help make aware of the overwhelming burden of handling all of your academic work by yourself. There are various essay generators on the internet that are trustworthy, reliable, and capable of assisting you in meeting up with deadlines.

Nevertheless, it is noteworthy that the industry has been infected by some scammers, who are in the business of advertising what they do not offer. This is why it is always best to run a quick research on any essay writing platform before using them for the first time. This doesn’t imply that there are no ethics in the industry, but since the services are basically offered online, you can’t always be guaranteed absolute security from frauds. Even if a site was recommended to you, you should still conduct personal research to find out more about the site before providing any personal details, whether free or not.

Free essay generators are great, but they sometimes offer paid services, so when paying for an order, it is the same as downloading a file from a database. No stress, just pay and get your order immediately. You aren’t supposed to be referred to another site. Sometimes, all that is required for you to do is submit your email to get the copy sent to you directly. It is simple; you aren’t committing some form of crime; you are only obtaining a resource that will aid your knowledge and make passing your courses much easier.

How does an Essay Generator Work?

  1. Pick a Topic: Essay generators aren’t programmed to read minds, so you have to first provide a topic. You must also provide the keywords you prefer to be integrated into the essay. The keywords are important because they help the machine figure out your niche better.
  2. Go Through Suggestions: This is an optional step you can decide to ignore. Some of the best essay generators will provide you with several paragraphs as options in the essay. This will help you determine the ones that are the best for the article. This process gives you a sense of control over the work and helps you know what to expect from the machine.
  3. Check for Grammatical Blunders: As earlier mentioned, an essay generator is an automated tool, which implies that it is prone to grammatical and contextual mistakes. To get a 100 % quality essay, you will have to proofread for errors. Even a well-experienced English professor still needs proofreading for his/her works. This is an excellent step that helps you familiarize better with the content of the essay.
  4. Plagiarism Check: This is the last but most critical point as far as academia is concerned. There are tons of consequences attached to submitting an essay that is plagiarized. These consequences include getting expelled from school or worse. Even though essay generators are programmed to provide plagiarism-free content, you should ensure to use another plagiarism checker tool to be on the safe side. You can even go as far as using two – there’s no such thing as being overly careful.


Since you’ll always encounter essay writing as a student, it is either you completely fall in love with research and writing, or you can go for the easy way out – essay generators. Being a student consumes a lot of time, and with a tight schedule, essay generators might be the best option to come out free. Essay generators make your life as a student easier, and all you have to do is proofread for errors, and you’re good to go.

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