Legit Essay Writing Services

Many students are seeking legit writing services for a number of reasons. Sadly, it can be difficult for them to locate best writing companies, and it can also be hard to differentiate between the best legitimate paper services, and the ones which are poor quality. It is our mission to make it as easy as possible for students to be able to find the best services that are able to handle all of their writing work with ease.

The advantage of legit writing services is that they are able to handle many types of writing tasks. A common misconception that students tend to have is that these writing services are limited to specific research essays or limited in their subjects. However, the truth is that the best legit writing services have a number of excellent and professional writers at their disposal. These trained writers are experts in their subjects which means they can produce brilliant results that meet the specific requirements set by the student.

There are a number of reasons why students may be desperate to take advantage of these writing services. The first revolves around lack of time. It is simply a fact that education can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful. No matter if a student is a sophomore or a senior, they will undoubtedly have many obligations which they need to attend to. This can include a part-time job, extra-curricular work, and even caring for a parent. The intense workload of college courses means that even one late assignment or poorly graded assignment can cause long-term negative effects. With a writing service, a student has peace of mind that they are able to hand in an excellent piece of work that will ensure they get the top grade.

Finding the right writing service can be a challenge. Many make extraordinary claims but are often unable to back it up. We see through the scams, and we directly test out every writing service so that students can choose from the top ones. Below, you can view our specific ranking criteria.

Ranking Criteria

We rank all writing services based on our strict and objective measures. It is in our ethos to directly test and review every single writing service. This is the only way to find out the quality of a service, and this is why we are proud to personally be able to recommend these services to students. We base our ratings on quality, cost, delivery speed, customer service, and value. We have tested hundreds of legit writing services, and below are the 10 that stood out the best based on this ranking criteria.

Top 10 Best & Legit Essay Writing Services in 2022

1. 99Papers

Price: from $8,97 | Deadline: 3 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5-10% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry:

In first place comes 99Papers. You can always depend on this reliable writing service to come through for you. Their years of experience, and their team of talented writers always go that extra mile to ensure that the customer is satisfied. With consistent delivery speeds, and specific attention given to quality, they are the top providers in the industry.

“I really owe 99Papers a lot. They came through for me at my time of my need and completed 2 urgent English assignments very quickly. I was very impressed with the quality and customer service”. Katie L.

2. 1Essay

Price: from $9,00 | Deadline: 3 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

1Essay is the one provider that you can always trust to do a splendid job. They have a clear pricing structure, and genuinely care about their students. The customer service is truly exceptional.

“Working and studying can be tough. But 1Essay came through for me with a standout paper. This meant that I could manage my time better, and get my studies back on track”. Joey E.

3. PaperHelp

Price: from $10,00 | Deadline: 3 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 10% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

Help is always at hand when you utilize the services of PaperHelp. They are a major name in the industry, and this is for good reason. Customers can expect standout customer service, and professional papers every single time.

“I sought the services of Paperhelp for a 5 page philosophy assignment. I was impressed with how helpful their live chat was, and they delivered the paper to my exact requirements. 10/10 service”. Blake I.

4. Essaybox

Price: from $12,00 | Deadline: 3 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

When you need assignments done quickly and professionally, Essaybox can be relied on. They put their customers first, and their consistent deliveries have made them a top provider in the industry. They do everything from case studies, to lab reports, to research essays.

“As a second year student, I was struggling in my economics class. I wanted to learn how to write about the concepts in a more professional manner. I sent an assignment to EssayBox, and they had an expert carefully craft a fantastic essay. I was able to learn so much from it, and it has been incredibly helpful”. Luke K.

5. Grademiners

Price: from $9,24 | Deadline: 1 hour! | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5-10% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

If you want to mine the best grades, then Grademiners are up to the challenge. With a clear pricing structure, a user-friendly website, and a large team of professional writers, they are amongst the top legit writing services. They offer a range of services which makes them a flexible provider for all of your writing needs.

“I needed a case study within 72 hours, and I consulted with Grademiners. I sent them the instructions and the template. They met all of the requirements, and the finished case study ticked all of the requirements”. Micheal D.

6. EssayPro

Price: from $11,00 | Deadline: 6 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

You can always trust the pros to deliver high-quality assignments on time. EssayPro are a fantastic and reliable provider that is well equipped to tackle even the most complex and technical pieces of work.

“I relied on EssayPro to do 3 lab reports. They were all 100% original, high-quality and delivered on time. A top service!” Mathew K.

7. PaperCoach

Price: from $7,99 | Deadline: 6 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

If you need to be coached, then PaperCoach has your back. Whether it’s a technical assignment or a creative one, you can always rely on their top notch essay writing services.

“Truly an excellent provider. I would reccomend PaperCoach to everyone”. Sarah K.

8. SuperbPaper

Price: from $7,99 | Deadline: 6 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

For superb quality, and fast delivery, SuperbPaper is a top writing service. With a fantastic attention to detail, and a serious approach to deadlines, they will always be one of the best legit writing services.

“SuperbPaper did a great job on two of my assignments. Both were completely original, and I was impressed with the expert knowledge shown”. Jenna M.

9. Expert-Writing

Price: from $8,99 | Deadline: 3 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 5% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

Help is always at hand with Expert-Writing. They have a wonderful team of professional writers that can do an outstanding job for you. Whatever the subject is, you can expect a top notch assignment.

“I am a mature student, and Expert-Writing has saved my academic career. I used their services for three papers, and each was of the highest-quality and delivered quickly within the deadlines that I gave”. Jacob A.

10. BestCustomWriting

Price: from $8,51 | Deadline: 6 hours | Revisions: ✓ | Discount: 15% | Money Back: ✓ | Free Inquiry: visit-website

For custom requests, you can always rely on Bestcustomwriting. They can provide fully tailored assignments that always meet your requirements. Whether you have an essay with complex instructions or a technical report that requires close attention to detail, you can have it covered by this fantastic provider.

“I used bestcustomwriting for my MBA report, and they delivered an excellent paper. Would definitely recommend this service”. Troy K.