Essay Rewriter Tools: Legal Or a Scam?

A lot of talks is usually going around about how beneficial it is to go for essay rewriter tools or professional essay writing services. While it sounds so comfortable to go for this, several people don’t see it in the right way; they see it as unethical. And for some others, the major concern is whether it is legal or a complete scam.

Essay writing is an essential academic exercise for every student; they are helpful in evaluating a student’s level of comprehension. A student’s ability to write a well-articulated essay determines his/her grades. Sadly, students feel overburdened by numerous essay assignments like evaluation tests, term papers, or other written-related assignments that make up about 80 percent of their total grades.

In college, the majority of the students are usually under pressure to earn good grades. To ease the burden that comes from meeting deadlines for essay writing, students seek innovative ways, which include using essay rewriter tools. These tools have both pros and cons and as constantly being debated whether it is legal or a scam. Let’s find out.

What is Essay Rewriter Tools?

Essay rewriting tools, applications, and software are typically offered to rewrite the content, so it becomes totally unique. This includes complete plagiarism-free text. Some tools come with subscription packages, while others are available online at no charge.

However, rewriting tools are different in levels of sophistication. Some function only with the user providing potential synonyms for words they are looking to change. While there are others, who say they are AI-based and can perform human functions needed from the user.

How do Rewriting Tools Work?

It is safe to say essay rewriter tools and spinners are well-programmed thesaurus software. However, the task carried out varies in complexity, but essay rewriters operate through replacing well-known phrases and words.

The goal of the software algorithms is to provide users with a unique text while remaining in context, which is why words are being spun around, and synonyms replace words or phrases that can’t be spun.

Are Essay Rewriter Tools Legit?

It is vital to note that this is a very controversial topic: should students be allowed to use essay rewriter tools for their assignments and term papers? Whenever this question comes up, the majority of the answers you get are no. This is typical as a result of talks of ethics, but the question is beyond ethics. The truth is essay rewriter tools, and every other academic writing services can either be helpful or a hindrance to true learning – it all depends on how you choose to use them.

As a student, you should be watchful of what influences your decision to use an essay rewriter tool and do it in an ethical manner to ensure you learn the bottom line of your assignment. In this article, you’ll find out the cons of using rewriting tools and the pros, which should help determine how you use them. You might be surprised at how helpful they can be.

Why is Essay Rewriter Tools so Rampant?

Essay Rewriter tools use paraphrasing to shield students from the issue of plagiarism. When we are talking of coursework, there’s only almost not enough time one can devote to cutting corners and writing papers. This is what birthed the idea of essay rewriter tools; they help do the top quality work for you so you wouldn’t be bothered about seeking help from someone else. With this, you can have more time to pay attention to other aspects of your academics.

Several teachers and supervisors make use of CopyScape to check the work of their students for plagiarized content. However, with an essay rewriter, you can be certain that your supervisor won’t detect any plagiarized content since the tool changes the original content to be unique.

Essay rewriter tools and services like 99papers, 1 Essay, EssayBox, Paperhelp, etc., can help you with top-notch essays without you spending hours in front of your PC and rewriting content on your own. When using an essay rewriter, you can use manual mode to determine how much text to paraphrase and control the exact changes you want in the original content. This comprises offering you synonyms along with the option of adding words and changing or modifying sentence structure.

These tools are most beneficial when you have a lot to do. Unlike the manual mode, with the automatic mode, all you have to is copy and paste the original work or upload it as a file into the essay rewriter tool for it to be completely rewritten. The original file transforms into a new and unique one immediately, and your deadlines would no longer be an issue for you.

Pros and Cons of Essay Services

As fascinating as essay rewriter tools’ innovation might be, there are definitely some disadvantages alongside its advantages. Firstly, let’s see what makes them so beneficial.


  • It Saves You Lots of Time. One of the major advantages of using essay rewriters or essay writing services is that it saves your time. It also eases your academic burden and the pressure of meeting deadlines. Since its existence for years now, it has enabled students to focus on other essential aspects of their academic life as well as providing enough time to attend to non-academic activities.
  • You can Choose Your Own Deadline. Online essay writing services can be used anytime, which makes schedules flexible. So, you can be certain of getting a quality essay even if your deadline is near. With essay rewriter tools, you have the liberty to dictate when you want your deadline. Therefore, you can utilize these services to have the best content delivered in a very short period.
    The truth remains that time is the major reason students seek the help of essay rewriter services. The time to prepare for tests and still handle all essay assignments might seem impossible sometimes. Online essay writing services offer a fast and reliable solution.
  • The Output is Nearly Error-Free. The last thing any student would wish for is to submit an error-filled assignment, which is why the quality of an assignment must not be compromised at any cost. For this reason, students can rely on essay writing services since high-quality content is assured – a necessity for good grades. The online essay writing services are offered based on custom-made requirements, so you have the liberty to describe how you prefer your assignment’s content.
  • You Don’t Need to Run Any Research. One of the most exciting parts of using online essay rewriting services is that you don’t need to spend so much time looking for relevant information concerning your essay. All you have to do is submit your topic and keywords, and the site will do all the work. As a matter of fact, the beginning of an essay is usually the most challenging part, as that is where the idea is developed. As long as you can successfully start your essay yourself, then you could as well go on about it. Developing on a topic might be all the work that is needed, but you don’t have to do that with an essay rewriter tool or essay writing services.


  • You might have to spend money. With all the advantages that come with using essay rewriter services, one of the things to keep in mind is that some of the rewriter tools are paid services, so you have to spend money. As long as you’re looking for quality content, you need to go for the best service providers to offer you top-notch essays. If you’re going for an essay writing service rather than the online rewriter tool, then you should go for providers with professional writers with the experience to understand your requests and give you the best. Therefore, paying for professional writing services means paying for the best. It’s vital to understand that writers work with strict deadlines and the level of expectations and pressure contributes to the total price of their services. So, when going for an online essay writing service, you should remember that you might be charged for close deadlines. This means the earlier you get to submit your requirements, the less expensive it is likely to be.
  • You might be caught cheating. Getting help online for your essay comes with some level of uncertainty because you at the risk of receiving a plagiarized work. There are cases where a person’s work is typically taken as cheating, especially if such person goes for custom papers and submit the work as the original work. When students receive a completed work, they sometimes don’t bother to check for plagiarism or check for paragraphs that need rewriting. Re-using the same work is an excellent way to get penalized for cheating. The main danger of this is that several sites are more concerned about ripping people off than providing quality articles online. Some of these providers do not have professionals as they claim and do not research on a given topic; all they do is copy and paste to dish out to unsuspecting students. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be offered a plagiarized work, and when you submit, you’ll be penalized with a lower grade or worse. There are various other authentic sites that provide students with quality papers and help reduce academic pressure, but it takes personal research to detect the good ones amongst the frauds. Legit online essay writing services provide students with original texts to help them get the best on their own. Simultaneously, essay rewriter services provide instant rewritten texts, which you would have to go through for errors. There aren’t many companies willing to offer professional assistance and tutoring to students; instead, they aim to make money. As a result, a student that can’t afford expert essay services from renowned companies depends on cheap online services that do not provide original content.
  • You Have to Know About The Topic. Although online essay writing services can be a huge relief, you will still have to learn about your topic for any other future assignments. And you cannot understand the topic if you don’t take time to run research on the topic. It is best if you create some spare time to learn more about the topic by researching it instead of completely relying on online services. This is a con because even after getting a professional or a rewriter tool to help you with your essay, it is only a temporary solution since you would have to digest the content to be able to present and defend it as yours. That is why it is advisable to compare the disadvantages and advantages of seeking professional help with writing your essays yourself before doing what others do.

It’s the responsibility and choice of every student to review their available choices by considering all the likely consequences and risks of using online essay writing services. This is because the price to be paid for cheating might be higher than the discomfort of writing the essay yourself.

Final Thoughts

Whether as a student or not, everyone needs assistance at some point. And as a student, it can be exceptionally challenging when it comes to writing essays given the other tons of work you have to face. Long study nights and days can be quite exhausting and drive away all the enthusiasm, which is the major reason why students seek help anyway.

Although essay rewriter tools are widely seen as wrong and ethically forbidden, it has been very helpful to countless students for years now. Whether or not it is right depends on the way it is used. It is not advisable for you, as a student or academia, to completely depend on online writing services as it only affects you in the long run. You should rather make use of it as a means to source materials for inspiration to write yourself. It is also very important to run research on whatever site you choose to use as it can be difficult to tell the legit one from the scam.

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