Global warming and climate change essay writing tips

Writing a persuasive essay on topics like global warming and climatic change, you need more than an opinion so your audience can understand your aspect and point of view. Perhaps the stronger stance may not be convincing if you don’t structure your essay correctly and reinforces with strongest cause and effects in the essay. Therefore, before writing the argumentative essay, you should know how to structure and include it in the essay so your audience knows what global warming is and how it impacts society.

Step by step guide for writing the global warming essay

Global warming is emerging these days and is known as a disastrous phenomenon in our lives. As the researcher s are going on, the causes and reasons of global warming have been cleared, and people understand why this is happening. However, although science knows the reason yet, it is unable to resolve the issues. Thus, when you have to argumentive essay on global warming, you have to start with clear introductory lines that define your topic.

Ensure the sentences must be compelling, so your reader wants to read the rest of the essay. Make a robust global warming essay outline.  The steps you should focus on and consider before writing your essay are given below. Have a look over it to create the inspiring article that your professor admires and give you A-plus marks.


The title is the core element of the argument essay. You may say the whole essay relies on these few words. Therefore, if you want your professor to read the inside content, create a relevant and catchy title. It bears the text of the content and depicts the theme of the topic. So be careful in deicing the title of the essay. Capitalize the first letter of each word except pronouns, articles, and conjunctions.


Being the first part of your essay, you should first do homework in writing the proper introduction about global warming. Define the term properly so the reader understands the purpose of the essay. Moreover, outline the theme of your essay. For example, if you are writing a global warming causes and effects, then you should add few lines on causes and effects that indicate the full summary of your essay. The global warming essay outline prepares the reader for the body of the essay. Try to make the introduction interesting, so the reader is compelled to read the other part also.

Body of the global warming essay

Before you start writing this part of the essay, you have to collect and analyze all arguments regarding climatic change and global warming. Divide the body part of the essay into paragraphs or multiple headings, and each part should narrate a different aspect of global warming. You can use multiple approaches to write the body part of the persuasive essay. You should collect the arguments, logic, and evidence that make your essay powerful. At the same time, don’t use appeals to emotion that weakens your essay. The types of approaches you can use are given below.

Toulmin arguments

The Toulmin type model comprises four steps that you can repeat to justify your argument. For this, you have to make a claim. For example, Global warming is the main reason for causing a temperature change.

Then provide the grounds or evidence on claims. For example, industrial activities are bringing climatic change. Explaining the reasons and warrant that how your grounds will justify the claim. Discuss the possible warranty to claim and identify the limits of the arguments and show that what alternative perspectives. 

Toulmin model is the most popular approach while writing an academic essay, especially on topics like Global warming. There is no use in writing specific terms like warrants, rebuttals, or grounds. Still, you have to establish a clear connection between the evidence and claims to support your argumentive essay.

Rogerian model

It is another approach that students can use to write an essay on topics like global warming. You have to follow the four steps given below for writing such argumentive essays. 

It includes a discussion about the opposing position and why people claim the position. Highlight the problem regarding the situation. Present the current situation and address the problems. Suggest the compromise and solutions and how they can be beneficial for society.

The Rogerian model builds a clear picture of argument and compromise. This type of essay is written when people disagree about global warming and allow you to make arguments to prove that climatic change is because of global warming. You can use any of these two models and describe them in the essay’s body.

Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of the global warming essay should also be strong and significant. You have to bring all your arguments cohesively. Try to summarize all essays in four to five sentences. Moreover, don’t introduce new points; instead, conclude according to the discussion in the body and introductory paragraph.

Donst and dos for writing an essay on globalization

It is essential to focus on specific key points while writing an essay on global warming. Certain Dos and don’t’s include:

Dos for writing essay

Discuss the effect of globalization on the economy of the country. You have to focus on a particular country to show impacts. Try to develop the focused argument and explain the overall effect and its importance. Moreover, write evidence from strong sources. Ensure all claims and evidence are genuine and don’t use fake information to create a wrong impression.

Next, you have to write about the effectiveness of strategies implement to reduce global warming. For this, you have to build your arguments that describe the minor effective measures or cause a positive impact in bringing change in Global warming.

You don’t need to provide any data regarding measures; just write about the measures that create a positive impact by bringing variation in factors that cause global warming.

One more thing you can do is the industry’s role in causing a harmful impact on the environment. For this, you have to compare and contrast the factors that cause this situation and the specific text that help in providing a solution to stay away from global warming.

Donts on writing an argumentative essay

To write an argumentative essay, you should not use any fake use or irrelevant data. It is because this can deduct your marks as well as create a bad impression on the reader. So be careful while writing such an essay. Make sure you use simple language and avoid using harsh tones and complex words that the professor may not understand.

How to make an essay powerful?

Global warming is a trendy issue these days, so you get a lot of evidence and data regarding this topic. Therefore, although you cover the main parts of the essay like title, intro, body, and conclusion yet, you have to add inside the compelling material. 

After structuring your essay, you have to find the correct details about global warming. You should deeply research your essay to make it convincing. You may be thinking about what type of elements you should search for in the global warming essays. Some of the points you should add to the essay are given below. 

History of global warming? Threats to Earth and how it started. Plus, reasons associated with climatic change.

After defining the history, you have to cover the cause of global warming and sources that cause emission of rising and factors that are the reason of high temperature.

Next, you have to provide the effects of global warming. Finally, you need to collect information to justify your explanation. Finally, you have to conclude by giving different interventions that offer the success or failure of your points.

Some essential tips to follow

For the students who are writing an essay on Global warming and want to get A-plus marks, they should not avoid following the tips given below.

Try to add related images that justify your answer. For example, you can add pictures related to the phenomenon of global warming.

Use and add the latest techniques and researches made on global warming and climate change. Use small sentences and make sure every statement is authentic

Content must be readable and understandable

Use the proper citations and add the latest statistics. Add the right references to give your work an authentic look.

Always use simple English. Don’t use difficult terms. If you use specific terminology, explain it to help the reader know what you want to explain. Your essay must give whole meaning and avoid any unnecessary quotes. To create the best essay, try to read the global warming phenomenon first, then outline and start writing. In this way, you can save your time as well as able to write the perfect essay.

Improve your writing skills by writing small paragraphs. Practice and practice. Search for authentic content so you can able to write an essay on global warming, that will help you to achieve A-plus marks.

Addition of environmental activism

One more thing that you should not forget to add in your essay is the concept of environmental activism. You can write a separate para about this feature or make a sub-topic of the essay. In addition, you can include any activity to strengthen the content of the essay. For example, you can write about the activist Greta Thunberg, a Swedish activist, and run the campaign on global warming factors. At 15, she first took the banner to reduce global warming in the Swedish Parliament. She called it “School Strike for the climate.” After her action, many people worldwide gave her a positive response, and she attended the UN conference on global warming.

How to identify or choose the topic for Global warming?

There are available several aspects of Global warming on which you can write a detailed essay. Maybe your tutor guides you. However, if you have to select the topic by owning, you can choose from the following titles.

  • The factors affecting the change in climate
  • Impact of global warming on the production of food
  • Why is Earth at risk due to the emission of Carbon dioxide?
  • What procedures are used to eliminate carbon dioxide from the environment?
  • What strategies are scientists adopting to reduce global warming?
  • Factors that are causing a shift in Earth’s balance of ice at poles?
  • Why is global warming an unstoppable phenomenon?
  • What is the connection between global warming and greenhouse effects?
  • Will scientists able to minimize global arming?
  • How can one reduce global warming in daily life?
  • What is good and bad in the environment?
  • How is air pollution affecting forests?
  • What are the best ways to reduce carbon dioxide?

These are few titles you can use to write a compelling global warming essay or Costco essay. There is a lot more to write. A plethora of books have been available on this topic, and scientists are continuously researching this topic. If you want to produce the perfect essay on this topic, then do research, gather authentic material, and make a proper outline. Finally, add some quotes and experiences of people to add icing to the cake. This will add a positive impression, and your professor will definitely appreciate your hard work.

Final words

Writing an argumentive essay may be challenging, especially if you don’t know the writing style, approaches to use, and steps to follow if you want to be successful in your essay writing assignments. You have to do homework and understand the concept of global warming. In this way, you will able to create the best.

If you are new to your institute and this is your first experience writing an essay on global warming, no need to worry. You will find a plethora of data on this topic. Simply visit the library or search online. Hundreds of scholarly articles available here. Pick the one that is completely according to your topic and then outline. Remember structuring before writing will help you write perfectly. So, the first search on global warming aspects, make the outline, choose the title, and then start adding your thoughts.

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