AP lang synthesis essay: popular college writing tips

It might be challenging to write a good synthesis essay for the AP language exams. There are certain steps that college students can follow to score a higher mark in the final examination. The essay paper should include good examples, accurate language, and the proper link between the parts of the essay. If there is no proper flow throughout the essay, it would be difficult for the college students to obtain a higher grade for the synthesis essay.

Planning the AP lang synthesis essay

AP lang exams have a free-response section. The synthesis essays are involved with the initial components of the exam. Students need to plan the amount of time they are going to spend on the AP lang synthesis essays. As it is included in the free-response area, students might not miss a trick here if they don’t plan the time scale for writing the synthesis essay. Therefore, it is important to have a general idea in the mind of the time to be spent on each part of the synthesis essay.

It is important to understand the structure of the AP lang synthesis essay. A reader should feel the smooth flow of information throughout the essay and highlights the key facts along with practical examples. It makes sure the reader gets the in-depth idea of a synthesis essay. You can choose good essay transitions here.

The word count is another important factor to be considered when planning the AP lang synthesis essay. Students often ignore the word count as the AP lang synthesis essays are freely responsive in nature. It doesn’t mean that students can spend more than the suitable time on the essay. It will not help the thinking pattern of the writer as research has indicated that the best essay ideas come to the mind at a particular time frame only. Spending more time on the same content might not be a success factor for many college students.

Students often write the AP lang synthesis essay as a single paragraph. It contains a higher word count and readers might find it difficult to understand the core idea of the synthesis essay. It is advisable to write small paragraphs with the proper connection. Writing long paragraphs in the AP lang synthesis essay would not benefit the students as the examiners tend to give low marks on similar content. It is important to understand the requirement of the examiner before writing the AP lang synthesis essay.

How to maintain synthesis in the essay?

When you get to know the topic of the essay, it is advisable to break it down into smaller parts. Then the students can explain each part in their own way. For example, if the topic is about “benefits of regular exercise to the body muscles”, students could first explain the benefits of doing exercise and the measures they need to take. Secondly, the impact on body muscles could be explained. It could be both positive and negative impacts. Negative impacts could be the overload of exercises might result in muscle pain. The writers should always try to cover all aspects of the topic.

The level of synthesis in the essay could be enhanced with similar techniques. Synthesis is mainly about connecting different perspectives in one direction to meet the core idea of your essay. It is not an easy skill to develop. Professional essay writers train themselves on the synthesis aspects to make sure they write content with higher accuracy and effectiveness. Therefore, college students should also try to practice the skill of using synthesis in their essays.

For example, if a student is writing an essay about the trends in American football, the writer should consider different perspectives such as football clubs, key players, transfer marker, TV rights, sponsorships, championships, rivalry, international impact, etc. The perspectives are the key to writing a solid AP lang synthesis essay. The writer needs to link up the areas in a way that the perspectives are lined up to meet the subject matter of the essay. It could be about how the transfer market is going to impact the annual salary of football players, the revenue of the clubs, and the overall impact on the American football industry. It could be further extended by explaining the impact on the national economy as well. It is up to the writer to make further explanations to the perspectives.

It is important that the writer should not deviate too much from the subject matter when explaining the perspectives. For example, if the writer is explaining too much about the transfer market, it would be a distraction to the reader and breach the proper level of synthesis. Therefore, the AP lang synthesis essays need to have proper perspectives that are explained adequately for the reader to understand the subject matter in a better way.

If a writer is not aware of the perspective, the synthesis might also be affected. In a scenario like this, the students should refer to reliable sources to pool information. Then, it should be followed up with proper research to understand the suitable perspective that could enhance the overall synthesis of the essay. Students often depend on online resources for their referencing. It has made a significant impact on the quality of the essay. Conventional methods such as books, journals should also be referred to when building a perspective with adequate synthesis. The downside of online sourcing could be the reliability of the information.

Providing evidence to support your perspectives

It is important to validate the perspectives with adequate evidence to make sure the synthesis is up to the mark. Evidence could be of different ways. It could even be a personal experience or written source. If the writer is trying to explain the perspective using personal experience and emotions, there is a higher chance of subjective information being discussed. It is advisable to avoid the subjective perspectives to make sure the quality of synthesis. AP lang synthesis essays are based on a combination of perspectives and it is important to back them up with suitable evidence. Evidence could also be linked to large-scale examples from society, world history, or any other related field. The connection between the example and perspective needs to match for it to be a meaningful example.

Creating a meaningful argument

A critical success factor for AP lang synthesis essays is to have a solid argument throughout the content. Students get lower marks when their arguments are not strong. Sometimes, there is no argument at all. Therefore, it is important to build an argument covering positive and negative aspects. For example, if you are writing an essay on whether children should be allowed to play video games? You need to argue meaningfully on both sides. It could be the positive impact of children playing video games and the negative implications of the children playing video games.

A meaningful argument would normally consist of different aspects. If your argument is purely black or white, then it might not fulfill the requirements of the AP lang synthesis essay. More meaning could be added to the argument by feeding detailed evidence to back up your argument. For example, if you are using the statistics on mental disabilities the children had due to video games could be used as vital evidence to back your argument. It adds more value to your content and boosts the synthesis of the essay. Creating meaningful arguments is a skill that college students need to develop over time. You need to be patient with your learning process to build solid arguments. It is dependent on your pool of knowledge sources as well. If someone has little or no knowledge base on the subject matter of the essay, it would be difficult to build a meaningful argument. For example, if you are writing an essay about “foreign currency transactions”, and you are not aware of the forex market, rates, exchange gains, and losses, it would be a nightmare for you to build solid arguments on the topic. Therefore, college students should do a critical analysis on the subject matter and pool knowledge before building any argument.

Reading the source slowly and understanding the core idea

It is important that the students read the source in the AP lang synthesis essay slowly to fully understand the key concepts. Research has indicated that when a student reads the source fast, it gives less opportunity for him to process the idea and highlight the important features. On the other hand, when a student reads the source slowly while taking time, the human brain can process the information and generate more meaningful thoughts and arguments for the synthesis essay.

It is subjective to essay writers on how long they take to read the source. The reading speed depends on different factors such as the level of reading the individual has done, type of content, and level of interest. However, it is advisable to read the source slowly and carefully as it gives you more chance to learn the subject area and your brain can process meaningful arguments. Further, it would help you to draft the scratch body of the essay as you have successfully processed the source to highlight key areas.

Generating a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement is the heart of the AP lang synthesis essay. When a student has generated a good thesis statement, it gives a good indication of the overall quality of the essay. The understanding of the source is the foundation to generating a solid thesis statement. It would help the writer to build meaningful arguments to add more value to the essay. It will further enhance the quality of perspectives that are being used in the essay.

The thesis statement needs to be in line with proper reasoning. The writer should ask different questions and come up with potential reasoning once they read the thesis statement. If your thesis statement is not strong enough, the essay would not qualify as a high-quality essay. Writers need to spend adequate time on the thesis statement as it holds the key to the quality of the whole essay.

The thesis statement needs to link up properly with the other areas of the essay. It acts like a hub connecting all the important components of the AP lang synthesis essay. There are certain tips a student could follow to develop a strong thesis statement. Understanding the subject matter is the key to generating a solid thesis statement. If you do not understand the source and subject matter at your first reading, you might need to read the same content several times to get the full picture of the essay requirement. Once, you have a good understanding of the subject matter, you need to consider different perspectives and angles of implications. After determining both the positive and negative implications, it would be easy to generate a thesis statement.

After writing a thesis statement, the writer should evaluate the suitability of the statement. The writer could conduct a self-analysis of the statement to evaluate whether it covers the key areas of the topic. Also, the writer needs to measure the level of impact it has on the examples used in the essay. If the examples hugely deviate from the thesis statement, the writer should re-consider the thesis and apply suitable examples. The writer can also obtain help from online essay writing agencies to evaluate the quality of the content. They would assess the writing and comment on improvements. When you are searching for an online adviser, it is important to make sure you approach a qualified individual or a reputable firm.

Overall, AP lang synthesis essays require a great deal of practice and essay writing skills. The quality would mainly depend on the level of sourcing and the depth of knowledge pool of the writer. It is important to learn the art of writing a meaningful essay. Writers could train their minds with expert advice which would help them to write perfect synthesis essays.

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