Good essay transitions: the purpose of using with examples

A good essay consists of meaningful words, smooth transition, and proper integration. Writers need a set of skills to come up with meaningful content to attract potential readers. An essay that is capable of engaging the reader from beginning to end is considered a successful product of creativity.

Using suitable examples

Using the correct example at the right place is a critical success factor for writing a good essay with proper transitions. Examples add a lot of value to the content of the essay. The writer should practice and develop the skill of using suitable examples.

The easiest way for a beginner would be, to start thinking like a real person who is actively living in the essay context. For example, if the essay is about business management, the writer should consider himself as the business owner and try to create a small case-study scenario in his mind to apply the real-time business information in the essay. It gives more liveliness to the context and the reader gets a practical experience in terms of the content.

It is important to address the deep and hidden thoughts in the reader’s mind with suitable examples. The examples often consist of real-life figures, charismatic personalities, real-world statistics, and human traits. They have the power to address the deep intentions of the human mind. Further, good examples would enlighten the soul-bound feelings of the reader to experience the context at the prime.

On the other hand, if a writer is using bad examples in the essay, it would become a serious issue for the reader. In case the writer has presented his opening clarification nicely and given bad examples, it would break the reader’s concentration. Research has indicated that bad examples divert readers from the main context of the essay. It is difficult to bring their thought process back in line with the main context of the essay.

Overall, the writers should focus on the importance of using suitable examples in line with the main principal theme of the essay. The writers should not use any example that discriminates against a certain population. Maintaining a true and fair view across all examples is a key element and the writers can improve the art of using correct examples with regular and monitored practice. Need help with essay writing? You can use top rated writing services, recommended by AP.


A good essay would have proper integration throughout the introduction, main body, sub-paragraphs, and conclusion. If the reader feels like the conclusion has no relationship with the introduction and main body, the integration would be poor. Writers can use certain tricks to maintain proper integration from the start to the end of the essay.

If an essay is lacking proper integration, the reader is not likely to get the full idea of the writing. When an essay consists of 1000 or more words, it is important to relate the information and examples in a suitable direction that would enlighten the reader to keep going. If the number of words is higher and the integration is less, the reader might have to repeat few times to get the full understanding. Research indicates that most readers do not like to repeat and would like to have the understanding in just one go.

An essay with adequate integration would always be in the best interest of the reader. They would find extra motivation to read the whole essay irrespective of time and effort. For example, if an essay starts with fitness goals and it has proper integration throughout the writing with fitness techniques, challenges in maintaining a proper diet, and bodyweight workout, the reader would be kept engaged in the context. The readers might look for additional information as well on other external sources. There are instances where readers contact the writer for more information on specific content.

If you are writing an essay for a competition or an examination, there would be a certain number of marks allocated for integration. People often ignore it as the proportion of marks allocated for this section is relatively smaller compared to the other main areas. The writers should never underestimate the importance of integration in an essay as it drives the main force in a reader’s mind which is sometimes hard to explain, still, it links up everything and presents an excellent context.

Overall, the integration is a key benefit to the writer as it indicates the skill level up to a greater extent. It is not a skill that someone could build overnight. The skill of proper integration requires a great deal of practice and technical knowledge on the subject matter.

Argumentative essay transitions

Arguments that are used in the essays are often seen as black or white. It means that most writers are trying to prove one side of the argument. However, a good writer would always try to explain both sides of the coin by explaining all possible features of the content matter. Argumentative essay transition would consist of points in favor of the argument as well as points against the argument.

It would be a balanced approach and once both sides of the coin are explained fully, the final recommendation would come into action. It ensures that the writer has a smooth flow throughout the essay and helps the reader to understand different aspects of the argument.

For example, if you are writing an essay on the suitability of providing mortgages to applicants with poor credit scores. You should first argue in line with the fact that why should someone with adverse credit still be eligible for a new mortgage. The writer could even explain why a lender could charge a higher interest rate to justify the argument. Secondly, the writer should discuss the risk of providing a mortgage to an applicant with bad credit. The risk the lender has to bear is in terms of miss-payments and defaults. Finally, the writer should provide a conclusion covering all related areas.

Argumentative essay transition is a skill that the writers need to practice and develop with time. A balanced approach would always benefit the writer as readers would like to discover the major subject from different angles. Argumentative essay transition supports the above purpose as it adds more value to the content of the essay and readers would find the content more meaningful.

Persuasive essay transitions

Different people in this world may have different opinions or views regarding different things, mostly because of having completely different information, totally different minds sets or due to the inadequate availability of information. They can differ in many ways. When a person is trying to form an opinion about something, they should always make sure to convey it clearly where the audience that they need to convey their opinion too, will agree with the idea that he is trying to take through because it is very important that the other party understands it clearly, so it won’t be on the fence.

This can be for or against something where different people have presented different ideas. Therefore, a persuasive essay or an argumentative essay is an essay that is written to present the writer’s idea to the audience and to prove it or defend it by giving prominent evidence. Therefore, it is important to apply transitional words, phrases, and counterarguments by strengthening the writing to make the essay more convincing or effectual.


  • Statement of opinion. This is where the writer expresses or presents his main argument for or against something that he has a totally different view or perspective. The writer supports his viewpoint with accurate or effective evidence to persuade the audience to agree on it. Generally, opinion essays are also following the basic essay structure which consists of introduction, body, and conclusion. Therefore, it is very important to convey the idea clearly and simply, so the reader gets impressed or motivated to keep on reading the content. Following phrases or words can be used to make it more effective.

Example: In my opinion…., It is vital…., Clearly…, It is clear…, I’m absolutely certain……etc.

  • Rebuttal. This is where the writer restates the opinion by proving why the opposite argument is wrong and why the writer’s argument is correct. Therefore, the evidence that is provided here should be adequate to prove the point. Following words can be used to convey it more clearly

Example: That is true, but….., Even though,……etc.

Expository essay transitions

An expository essay is a comprehensive essay that describes and explains a particular topic, idea, viewpoint, or theory using supportive evidence to prove it right in an objective way. It usually follows a chronological structure to convey the idea more effectively and to share the information through relevant details and facts. When composing an expository essay, the writer should have adequate knowledge sometimes it requires an advanced search on the topic since it evaluates the knowledge of the writer on the scope.

Expository essays can be written to describe something or some area which is known as a descriptive expository essay, to contrast two different concepts by highlighting their similarities and differences which is known as a comparative expository essay, or to explain what causes something to happened and its consequences. These essays are often written from a third person’s point of view to make them much more effective. Expository essays also follow the basic essay structure just like in persuasive essays which consists of 3 main sections is Introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

The main purpose of the expository essay is to give the reader a complete and clear understanding of a particular concept or a topic. It usually begins with the topic sentence which usually explains the main idea of the essay and then the body paragraphs which are provided with related examples and facts in detail with supportive sentences and finally concludes with the final statement which restates the main idea that is being conveyed through the essay.

Using the correct words

Vocabulary, grammar, and spellings are essential for a good essay. It doesn’t matter how strong the subject and the core of the essay is, if the vocabulary is poor. The selection of words needs to be spot on as it plays a big part in keeping the reader engaged. It doesn’t have to be complex words. Some writers think they need to have complex words to write a successful essay. It is a misconception and writers just need to use simple language with correct vocabulary to communicate the idea.

If there are lots of technical words associated with an essay, it is recommended to review the work with the help of a subject matter expert. The writers could also use advanced online resources to seek guidance and reference from any part of the world. It is important not to use the same online content as it causes issues in terms of the originality of the work. Writers should always try to come up with their unique content ideas and avoid similarities in already published content, also with using essay word changer.

Writers can still refer to the published work of other people and gain knowledge. Further, they could use more examples from the other sources and add a proper reference to the essay. It is important to maintain a reference list and citation details to make sure the essay is independent and transparent.

An essay should have accurate grammar and spelling as it adds value to the content. Minor spelling mistakes would not cause a huge issue to the readers at large. However, it could still affect the native readers as the errors get highlighted in a different way. Therefore, the writers should always check the grammar and spellings before submitting their work.

In conclusion, the flow of the essay is the key to win the reader. The writers should be confident to use proper language and suitable examples from real-world scenarios. As mentioned above, the transitions need to be smooth and the examples should not get deviated from the main theme of the essay. It would be a perfect blend and have all of the above elements in one essay

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