What is an opinion essay?

An opinion essay is formal writing. Writing the formal essay is to express the author’s point of view on different subjects. This essay contains the opposing viewpoint. This essay is followed, but the list of arguments shows inconsistency in the essay.

There are many guides available, look at them and write the best opinion essay on any subject. You may be wondering how the opinion essay is different from persuasive, cause and effect, and argumentative essays?

You don’t have to worry about it; it’s simple. When you are writing a persuasive and argumentative essay, you should provide counterpoints. However, in opinion essays, you don’t have to focus on advantages and disadvantages. You don’t need to give a comparison. Just focus on the opinion about the addressing issue.

Selecting an appropriate opinion essay is subjective and straightforward. Writers don’t need to research the topic. It is a time-saving essay. Many students choose opinion essays to save time and their simple nature. 

Nevertheless, the opinion papers are still Academic writing. It also requires reputable scholastic sources. Writes have to research the topic to collect the data and information. Writers have to do informational research.

Before selecting a suitable and informative topic for the opinion essay, the writers need to keep in mind some fundamental tips for opinion essays. Students need to choose those topics which they have knowledge and passionate about it. 

Tips to write an opinion essay

The writer’s opinion on the subject should be strong and independent. Having a solid argument is the base of the essay. From this way, writers could quickly complete the report with a convincing voice. 

Students choose attractive and unique topics so they can quickly write about them without any interruption. Today’s students choose fashion, environmental, culture, and many more. Opinion essays are the best-titled essays. Doesn’t the title of the essay itself encourage you to write a whole opinion essay? But sometimes, we need a solid push to write the perfect photo essay

Here are some guidance for writing an successful opinion essay. This is not a complex type of essay; it’s needs ideological information. Five steps are used as the structure of the essay, and if you follow these steps, you will be able to write a perfect essay.

Step one of the writing is all about the difference between an opinion essay and a persuasive essay. It is better to clear the distinction of writing before starting the essay. 

In an opinion essay, writers who are well educated write the essay with their ideas and opinions and also support the evidence of the subject so that their arguments do not fail. Proofs are essential to claim your arguments. Sometimes these proofs are not enough to convince the reader but do not skip the proof part in your opinion essays. 

Persuasive essays are those types of essays in which writers only aim is to convince the reader to accept their opinion on the subject. In this, writers add facts and logic to impress the reader.

They also use definitions and examples to share the views of their thoughts. These definitions made their view points accurate and related to the topic.

Step two is related to the tips of writing an opinion essay. The first tip is about the basics do’s in the opinion essay. Writers start their work with these essential tips so that they can not re-write the whole essay.

Students need to introduce each paragraph with the topic sentence to outline the main ideas about the topic. Do not try to write advantages and disadvantages to match the word limit. In these essays, comparison spoils the whole impression.

Do not give any against point about the opinion or argument. Write the whole essay in the formal style. Please do not make it complex for you and the reader.

Basic don’ts while writing an opinion essay

In my opinion, essays don’t use colloquial expressions. And try to give unique terms and do not use abbreviations of the words. Because this will affect the essay structure, don’t make points in emotive vocabulary in the arguments. 

The third tip is about self-satisfaction. This tip clears the doubts about the title whether you agree or disagree with it. Think much time about your opinion while writing it down in the original document. Find reasons for your argument, and these reasons could be mixed with examples.

The fourth tip says how you organized the whole essay and ended up by making clear paragraphs. After organizing the paragraphs, write the introduction in the beginning. And create a statement that supports your opinion. 

Then make body 2 and 3 paragraphs. In these paragraphs, each section holds out one opinion at one time. Don’t try to jumble the opinion in one paragraph. Always keep in mind that you have to cover the word limit with this data. 

Then conclude your ideas by giving a summary of your essay. The conclusion should not be too lengthy or do not add inappropriate thoughts to it. 

Step 4 and 5 is all about the student opinion essay. In this step, they tell that if new view writers are finding difficulty writing opinion essays, then there are many examples of the IB students’ written essays.

These examples are for those students who are worried about their opinion essay. Many writers help from these essays and then write their easy from these ideas and thoughts after reading the topic.

Examples of an opinion essays

Our website from which you can know the topic selection and the topic evidence. This site is filled with so many ideas. A writer can choose the best one for themselves and start writing by following the tips and steps. 

Fashion opinion essay

Fashion is the most used topic in the writing world. If your search about fashion essays, then there are thousands of data in Google. All those essays are discussing the terms fashion and history.

Many students choose such type of topic which are associated with their daily life. Students choose fashion as a topic to express their thoughts and ideas. 6 out of 10 girls selected the fashion topic for their IB diploma writing.

Professionals and degree holders write these essays. Writers who write fashion essays belong to the fashion industry. They know how to express fashion sense and how to draw a fashion design. These writers are the experienced ones. They know how to make a successful portfolio. 

In today’s society, we live in a society where everyone is running to the brands. In today’s world, there is much competence in the fashion world. People are creating more designs and fashion than in past times.

The motive of these innovations is only one, money. They wanted to make more money from these clothes. And they aim to become more prestigious. Fashion is the factor that influences people’s lifestyles.

Fashion essays are the correct way to express ideas and opinions. In starting writers express their opinion about fashion, and they tell which type of fashion is necessary and which kind of fashion is not good. 

Students are more attracted to these topics. Most college students are known as the trendsetter. They know more about fashion than anyone else. They know how to look impressive and how to look stylish. 

Masters level writers write the published opinion essay on fashion topics. And they put every informative step in it. Opinion essays are concise essays. Fashion is all about the impression. The writers express the odds of fashion in the way of arguments.

Environmental essays

Essays on the environment are real-world essays. These include all living and non-living types of surroundings. The environment essay refers to a particular area. We all know that plants, animals, human beings, and other living and nonliving things exist. The factors which are affecting the environment are the hydrologic process, geomorphic process, and atmospheric process. Living organisms are strongly connected with the surroundings and known as ecology. 

These types of essays are written by professionals who hold the degree of environmental sciences. They know how to express their thoughts. And they give their opinions in the form of essays. They talked about the problem of the environment and provided a solution by their writing. 

The problems which can be addressed by an opinion essay

Pollution is one of the significant issues in our country. It is rising day by day, due to the construction of buildings and excess of private vehicles. And harmful substances which are released from factories are the cause of air pollution.

Writers try to give their opinion on the environmental problem and provide solutions to these problems by solid writing.

Desertification is another type of environmental pollution. In this type, the land is converted into the desert, where the soil gets dry. 

Sound pollution is one of the significant problems these days. People are using vehicles without silencers, and the sounds which are produced from their cars are unbearable. So many people who are aged are annoyed by this problem.

So many problems have been discussed in the previous paragraphs. Writers and students take to seek help from these and make accurate statements about the topic.

Write can add questions in the essay in some unique way. Like “is this right to convert land into desert?” applying questions made the structure of the essay strong. In the opinion essay, writers can hold the answers to the questions and write them by making a mini paragraph.

The writer addressed his opinions on the topic and named as solution. He says that we can protect our environment by placing some precautions.

We can use public transports more so that pollutions can be controlled. And we can use sound less cars so that do not become the reason of people problems.

Cultural essays

What is culture? We all are aware of that term. This term is used in our surroundings, and it can easily be observed by people’s actions and do’s.

Culture is the most critical topic because our country is filled with thousands of cultures. Even a tiny town has its many cultures. Culture study is the wholesome study of many elements, and these elements are natural.

For example, in Pakistan, there are many cultures like Sindhi., Balochi and Punjabi. People who live in Punjab use Punjabi culture and dependent on them. Cultural essays are made to examine the meaning of culture.

We all are part of the culture. Some people are impressed by other people’s culture and copy them. Culture is the determination of us. It is the Unique characteristic of people. It is made with various elements, some are obvious, and some are hidden. Writers how are social philosophers are the maker of these types of opinion essays. They talk about the religious and superstitious part of the culture. 

Many writers find cultural essays easy. Because in this essay, writers can write their opinion on so many things related to the culture. Cultural opinion or analytical essays provide a lot of information and data quickly.

A writer can add critical questions but part of the culture. In a cultural essay writer could talk about multiple beliefs of multiple people. And the most highlighted and anticipated problems of culture could be discussed in the cultural opinion essays.

Opinions on the betterment of the culture are presented as the solution to the cultural problems. In today’s world, people are primarily attracted to other people’s culture, and in the copying process, they are destroying their own culture. 

Cultural essays are most accessible because they carry all the essential information we see and observe in our daily lives. We can share some others people’s ideas by making them the opinion in our essay. But all the ideas and viewpoints carry the authentic content.


So, we know the term of opinion essay fully and understand how these essays provide knowledge and information. The purpose of making this essay is to clear the types of writing for students studying IB and write these essays in their education. 

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