How to write a great Costco essay?

Every student who is about to drop out of high school and enroll in college or university suffers from anxiety and stress. They are afraid of the unknown and feel pressure on their families, teachers, and society.

He believes that his career and future depend on whether he can enter college or not. Especially if they want to get admission to famous universities like Yale or Harvard. Really, it is very easy to get admission in small colleges but even they need application subjects, which becomes a real headache even for highly experienced scholars. Most colleges require a common app article, a personal statement that gives students a chance to show who they are. While SAT scores and grades are important, they offer a quantitative measure of your success as a student, but that’s half the battle. Admissions Committees would like to take a look at your personality, find out what is important to you beyond your curriculum. And one of the applicants proved that he is a really unique person because his ‘Costco article’ has become a ticket to five colleges in the Ivy League. Get help from useful essay writing guides.

What is a Costco essay?

Excellent performance in both SATs and GPA scores may not be enough as an admission standard. Instead, most universities and colleges will always ask you to write a personal statement or admissions article, which they refer to.

The Costco essay is an article, also called Britney Stenson’s article, and it is a personal statement in which all Ivy League universities or schools, including Stanford, found Britney. Costco’s personal statement is not just an article about Costco. Rather, it is a college essay on student experiences at Costco stores. He submitted it in 2016 in response to a request from the college. Read immediately:

Prompt: Some students have a background, identity, interest, or skill that is so significant that they believe their application would be incomplete without it.

Following this hint, Britney wrote the essay to the best of her knowledge. And while living in it, he demonstrated creativity, critical thinking, and organizational skills. She clearly described his meaningful experience which gave a clear explanation of his personality. The Costco article also explores its relationship with the Costco wholesale retailer. Cleverly, she spent moments relating to his childhood, youth, personal qualities and strengths, and the importance of each of them to her own education.

Thanks to her wisdom, she was eventually accepted into the Ivy League, which is notorious for its low acceptance rate and difficulty in reaching it.

How to write a Costco essay?

Remember that you should not write about Costco. You should not write about any department store unless you are a shopper. Britney’s paper is a clear example of creative presentation but is considered your own book.

You can check any successful article published on the internet to find out what makes it special. But if you don’t want to get a faint story, stick to someone else’s idea. The secret of these effective articles is that the applicants expressed their feelings. However, you don’t see their behavior, and if you try to copy their papers, it will become clear to the admissions officers.

Don’t waste too much time reviewing accepted articles / essays. Sure, you can dig up a lot of interesting information, but it will be difficult to organize your thoughts in this flow of information. What’s more, such research makes you feel uncertain about your success. You will begin to think that you will never write at such a high level.

  • Be real:

The Admissions Board reads thousands of personal statements and if this is the case with you, the officers will hardly remember it in a few hours. That’s why you should always write about your experience and test it so that you can present yourself in the best light.

Are you collecting all the albums of Spice Girls? Turn this hobby into your strength! Tell officers how you envisioned being part of the band, writing songs, and presenting them to your friends and family.

This approach can be applied to any topic – you have to decide what helps you stand out.

  • Link your article / essay to the academic field:

Even if your statement is said to be personal, you should still describe how the experience described in the chosen field of education compares.

  • Be confident:

Don’t be afraid to show why you would be a great candidate. In Costco’s article, for example, Britney reveals that from an early age he always got what he wanted. This is a great standard in terms of academic achievement and the admissions officers will surely appreciate your confidence.

  • Always stay honest:

You can create some details or include clear examples but the main idea of ​​your article should be correct. Once you enter college, your lies will become clear and you will experience some strange moments.

  • Submit and edit:

Once your article is ready, you need to read it a few times to make sure it’s clear and easy to read. Ask your relatives and friends for help or hire our professional editors who will polish your article!

What can you learn from writing a Costco essay?

A great student learns through apprenticeships. Costco College Personal Statements are a great opportunity for students to learn how to write great personal statements, purpose statements, and enrollment essays to help them gain admission to colleges or the universities of their dreams.

  • Select an outstanding title/topic:

One of the most striking features of the Costco article was its main idea, which was well reflected in the theme. Always choose an outstanding topic and a similarly personal statement for your entry article, even on a personal statement immediately. But prompt is a great place to start when brainstorming on a topic. Everyone can win the hearts of the admissions committee by writing an article about themselves or their daily experiences. However, carefully associating the theme with the subject requires a certain kind of creativity.

When writing your personal statement, make sure your title stands out. Make it short, memorable, and entertaining.

  • Research and think outside the box:

Although critics argue that Costco articles or pizza articles, despite winning their author admissions, are overblown, the fact is that they were well written. Each author exhibits deep thinking research and reasoning. In her case, Britney focused on how her family shopped at Costco. However, to make her attractive, she told them about her personal experiences and how they affected her personality development. She violated his mother’s wishes and was willing to learn about free samples, goods, and even sales. The story is the same in Papa John’s Pizza article, which introduced Carolina Williams to Yale. It reflected her passion, an aspect you should discuss in your college essay.

  • Choose a basic theme:

Like a poem or a book review, a realistic-themed personal statement is not only informative but also entertaining. In Britney’s case, he explored themes of deviation for passion, good intentions, determination, and patience. The Britney Costco paper reflects a good grasp of the English language, the flow of ideas, and the use of words like “like words” to make it easier to find topics. Nevertheless, since this is a Costco article analysis, we urge you to choose contexts that are relevant to the context. But you don’t have to write an article on Costco, find the best experience that will make you wow and nail it.

  • Set the Tone:

Another thing about the famous Costco College article or the Britney Costco article is clear from the author who used it. Although it is an official or official text, Brittany twisted the nuts and their juice from right to left. The articles are clearly structured in a way that achieves this goal and seriousness. We’ve written the best personal statements for students, but reading them helped lift the bar. Although she describes herself as a hindrance to “fat” legs, she acknowledges that she is driven by purpose – the pursuit of knowledge, which leads to a good sense of humor. So, when you want to write a personal statement that will get you into any college or university, go to Costco’s personal statement – make your tone memorable and clear. Also you can use one from the best essay writing services.

What’s so significant about a Costco article?

The key to success was that Stanson understood the purpose of the Common App article. Being proud of the facts of your life and not pointing them out will give you no idea who you are. When you write a paper, your job is not to tell what special events have happened in your life, but to convince the admissions committees that you are special. Stanson bought Costco as a base because it was part of his life. It was normal for most people, but it was special for them. Still, keep in mind that he didn’t write about his shopping experience, he used it as a background.

In the article, his quest, qualities, and interests were harmonized into a single enlightening story. His interest in the study was obvious – and not because he told her about it, but because he showed it to her. Try to apply this strategy when you are proud of your strengths instead of being proud of them.

Why is it important to read Costco’s essay?

We recommend reading the Costco essay to every student who writes an essay. This is a great example of what a strong personal article should look like. After reading this you will master the proper words, easy transitions, and the art of switching between ideas and paragraphs. Reading Costco’s article is rather inspiring, so you can come up with your own ideas.

However, reading too many samples can prevent you from writing your article. You may be disappointed to see how clever and creative other papers are. You may lose confidence and you will not believe in your abilities and strengths.
Some students may begin to doubt their ideas, thinking they are similar to others and fear theft. So what does golden mean?

The answer is simple: trust yourself. If after reading Costco’s article you understand what makes it better, there is no need to read more examples. But if you think you need extra inspiration, download some other examples until you can search for your own.

After understanding the features of the best personal essays, don’t postpone the brainstorming and come up with your ideas. If you feel overwhelmed during the process of reading the examples, get them right away! Put it aside!
Always listen to your inner voice and pay attention to the unique features of the charter.

How to make a great personal statement?

It is easier to write the rest of the article if you read the best examples. However, sometimes it is impossible to write an essay that would be as good as Costco’s essay: not all students are as creative, may lack time, or may not have solid writing skills.

Don’t worry if you are one of them! Our writing company provides students with comprehensive support and assistance: from choosing the most appropriate topic from the beginning to writing personal statements.

If you like Costco’s essays and want your statement to be similar, just contact our managers and provide your needs! Tell us about yourself and your expectations, and we’ll create a flawless article that will impress board members. We provide all the guarantees you need, so the result will exceed your expectations.


In short, there are no specific rules for personal statements. You are expected to introduce yourself, show off your outstanding qualities, accomplishments, and abilities. If you are interested in writing a Costco article, keep in mind that this is not a simple story. Rather, it is a combination of a simple background and a strong presentation.

So, make sure you can handle this task. If you feel that such an approach does not encourage you, do not pay attention to any ‘Costco’. As you prepare to create a common app article, you may find many articles written in a general style for educational purposes that have been accepted.

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