How to Write the best Conclusion Paragraph?

The conclusion of any essay or assignment is always important. It is the last thing you say to a reader, and therefore it is essential to make sure it leaves an impression whilst also being concise and to the point. Often, it can be difficult writing a good conclusion paragraph that sums up what you want to say. The best essays will have a well-flowing essay that has a natural conclusion that makes sense. Rather than giving the reader new information, this paragraph is the perfect way to complete your essay and give your final. Here are the best tips for writing an excellent conclusion paragraph for any subject and essay.

The reason why a conclusion can be difficult is because it requires a precise balance of summarizing, and also summing up your final opinion. Rather than simply rehashing what you’ve already said, it requires a nuanced approach that rounds off your essay. Instead of summarizing large points, it is important to rephrase the central points of the essay in a few sentences.

It is important to remember that a conclusion is not simply another introduction. You can’t rephrase an introduction even if it does seem tempting. You have to find a new way to present your core argument, and to close off your essay in the best manner possible. In all essays, every single word must serve a purpose. Therefore, the conclusion should be fresh even if it is going over previous points.

It can be tempting to simply sum up your main points from the essay. But, a simple recap and rehash only wastes more words. It is also not a place to introduce any new ideas or concepts. It must be directly related to the body paragraphs that you have written. The conclusion is meant to engage and persuade your reader to the main thesis that is being presented. There is space to add your personal opinion, and to strongly put forward your reasoning. A good closing paragraph will bring together all of the points raised in your essay under one common theme.

It is important to use your language skills to appeal directly to the reader. This is your chance to convince them of the arguments and points that are laid out in the main essay body paragraphs. Leave the reader feeling fulfilled and excited. They should be able to remember the main aspects of your essay, and be convinced that you have rounded up the points you have made. Get the balance right between selling yourself and recapping your main points to come up with the best conclusion paragraph.

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