How to write the best conclusion for a college research paper?

It involves what is written in the paper. The final grade of your schoolwork depends wholly on the research paper, so it should not be taken lightly. You should be able to extensively discuss the main points of your research paper to get a good grade. Concisely conclude the research to stand out.

It is the last area of research. The conclusion should be able to show the main arguments of the topic. In this article, we are going to discuss ways that will make your essay stand out.

How to make your conclusion appropriate:

  • Summaries the main argument to the reader if it is too complex
  • Discuss the significance of the results
  • Give an overview of the details of the topic
  • Do not add new details
  • Restate the problem persuasively
  • Rules of a conclusion
  • A reasonable conclusion helps you to show your in-depth knowledge about the research problem.
  • Do not use vague or hard language in the conclusion
  • Do not go into an in-depth discussion about the results
  • Give information about further researches.


  • Thesis statement
  • Summary of the argument
  • Observation and the final sentences

What to include?

Last view on problems raised in the research paper

It gives a good and lasting impression, and it will show how confident you are with your work. Show the research’s essential findings and the main points of the evaluation and result that are not expected when conducting the study.

Summary to show the significance of the research

The conclusion provides a chance to cover a so what? From the readers, after reading the research paper.

Your own opinions

The conclusion part allows you to talk about your personal opinion. It shows your thought. Show how the study impacted the findings and their importance.

Thoughts on the future

If the research is exciting and exciting, it provides awareness to discuss the research problems. Show how the issues can be discussed further. Also, evaluate how the study will be developed in the future. Name the people that have undertaken this problem and their ideas.

Steps on developing a reasonable conclusion

When the topic is on contemporary problems, tell the readers what will happen if the problem is not solved. New information should not be added, or the new facts should also be omitted.

  • Recommend some course of action
  • Make the conclusion authoritative by using the opinions of the experts and also quotations
  • Critical information should be reported to represent the main point of the paper.
  • Express personal reflection
  • Give a new perspective of the results by interpreting them in your way.
  • A brief but powerful statement should finish off the conclusion
  • The tone should be consistent throughout the paper.
  • Proofread the whole paper to ensure the crucial points are all covered
  • Make a conclusion effect rhetorically
  • It is whereby you link the introduction and conclusion to give the paper fullness. Ways of ensuring this;
  • Ask questions in the introduction and use the end in answering them
  • Use a story o pun in the introduction and finish it in conclusion. Introduce it just briefly.
    Use a beautiful and compelling story of reincarnation
  • Depend on imagery- make words and images in the introduction and reflect it in conclusion. It gives you a feeling of totality.
  • This features will enable the paper to stick in the mind of the readers

How to conclude logically?

Use hard facts to make a brief conclusion that is on point. The majority of the people do not like hearing hard events, so it will be your work to pay attention to.

Techniques to use to make the conclusion effective:

  • Recommend a solution
  • Give the reader a graphical explanation of the effects of idleness
  • Refer back to the great thinkers, scientists
  • Illustrate the urgency
    Point out critical statistics that speak facts
  • Use personal experience
  • Use a hook for the introduction
  • Say it if the research does not provide a solution

Things to avoid when writing a conclusion

Lack of concision

Do not repeat or extend the work you have already done. It makes the paper irritating to read. Be brief and to the point. The conclusion does not involve small things. Discuss the impacts, evaluates, insights, etc., and avoid little things. The small thins include numerous procedures you took in writing the research, topics that are arising from the main issue.
Also do not add details that are not necessary that could be broken down into short sentences instead of long paragraphs

Lack of comments on important things

The introduction goes from general to specific, while the conclusion goes from specific to general. The research should be put into a broader context.

Absence of negative aspects of the research

This makes the research paper look fake and not authentic. If you encounter problems and challenges, they will make the paper reliable, personnel and offers in-depth details that are crucial elements on the success of the research paper.

No summary of things learned

It should be personal, about your experience and the knowledge acquired during the research. Use simple, fewer sentences.

Failure to match objectives of the research

Show how the objectives in the introduction have been achieved in the whole paper. Demonstrate how introduction and conclusion are interlinked

Failure to provide a united work

Put all the segments of the paper together in order to bring a clear picture to the professor. Use images and concepts you used in the introduction.

Poor logic

The research paper involves different and opposite points. The conclusion provides a platform for creating a single and precise opinion of the problem. The end should answer any questions that arose from the paper. Ask readers to offer their conclusion.

Lack of personal recommendation

Have a personal recommendation for your topic. State actions you considered personally necessary. It assists in understanding the subject of the research.


 A research paper is a great aspect of the life of a student in college. An essay should have an outcome at the end of the paper. The outcome is an important detail as it provides a summary of the paper. This article has provided the best steps to follow to write the best outcome for your research paper.

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