How to write a 10-page paper for one day?

Lets picture this scenario, you have a 10 page paper and it’s due within the next 24 hours. For whatever reason, you may have put off this paper because you didn’t have the time or knowledge needed to complete it. The normal reaction is to panic, however it is vital to have a plan in place. Even with only a day left, it is still possible to write a 10 page paper that can get a pass grade. Here is everything you need to know on how to write a 10 page with only 1 day remaining.

How Many Words is a 10 Page Paper

Firstly, you should be clear with the requirements. Although, 10 pages may seem like a lot, most of the time it will be double-spaced. The font size will be 12, and you are free to use subheadings. This means that a 10 page paper will usually be around 2500 words. Keep this in mind when planning your paper. This wordcount will be the target that you have to hit.


It is important not to start typing away straight away. There may be a temptation to get words down as quickly as possible, but the way to secure a good mark, is by having an outline in place. Read the requirements carefully, and identify the thesis of your paper. You should then form a basic outline of each paragraph. Remember that each paragraph should have a new sub-point with a new piece of evidence. Once, this plan is done, you can simply start to follow it. Make sure that you stay calm and remain positive during this step. You will need to build up motivation to begin writing the 10 page paper.

Writing the 10-Page Paper

Before you start writing the essay, clear away all distractions. Turn off notifications for social media, and take a sip of coffee. Now is the time to start typing away. Set regular goals and targets for each hour. Remember that if you put 10 hours into the essay, then you only need to do 250 words per hour. Rather than being overwhelmed by the 10 pages, keep on thinking about the current paragraph instead. Splitting the essay into chunks is the best way to tackle it. Make sure you stay away from procrastination, but also give yourself a 15 minute break every 2 hours. This will allow you to refocus and recharge. Once the essay is done, don’t hand it in straight away. Do a proofread to ensure that grammar and spelling are correct. Easy marks can be lost for simple formatting errors.

Closing Thoughts

You should now have a much clearer idea on how to write a 10 page paper in 1 day. It may seem difficult, but it is certainly not impossible. By making a plan, and staying organized, you can produce a good-quality 10 page paper within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can rely on essay writing services who will be able to meet this deadline for you. This can save you time and unneeded stress.

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