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If you have a task or assignment to write an Analytical essay in a professional tone, you must look for unique examples. It’s tough to thoroughly understand the procedures because an analytical essay is considered the most common type of essay that every student can submit in school. However, every student didn’t process the same form of writing an essay, as it required professional skills. In this blog, you will get three examples of analytical essay that gives proper guidelines and force you to write like a professional writer:

What is an Analytical essay?

Before you write, understand what the actual meaning of an Analytical essay is. It is a type of writing that examines or analyzes a specific topic by having in-deep research. An Analytical essay focuses on the main issue and breaks them into many sections, and explains it step by step, not at once. This essay aims to increase the understanding or knowledge of readers according to the subject.

Indeed, the Analytical essay will write on non-fictional work, any particular topic, or any form of art. Before you start, you need professional writing or strong critical analyzing skills. A writer has to express his point of view on the subject that has supportive evidence.

Before you start, make an outline that shows the correct procedure of writing an essay. If you are a non-professional writer, learn how to write an analytical essay to have the best essay for your academics.

An analytical essay is too short of including many citations and references to different authors, as is done in abstracts and similar works. When writing an analytical essay, remember that extensive quotations are not welcome even in voluminous works like a thesis.

Examples of Analytical Essay

If you cannot evaluate the difference between an analytical essay or a simple essay, look to an example to better understand. However, when you look at the examples, you will differentiate the different types of analytical essays.

Here are three useful analytical essay examples listed below; every example has different analysis essays.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetorical analysis photo essay expresses the situation of author that how he has written something. The writer follows effective or persuasive methods, so the topic must be followed briefly. For a rhetorical analysis essay, the piece of writing is interpreted or choosy.

It is essential to review the rhetorical analysis essay example as a draft format before writing a professional piece of an essay. Let’s discuss the given example and learn how to write a rhetorical analysis essay in a professional tone.

Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier

Indeed, a woman’s work is never going to end. Many women agree with this statement and accept that there is an accurate time. One of the women, Jessica Grose, wrote the essay “Cleaning: The Final Feminist Frontier” (published in 2013). She argues that recently, men start taking an interest in cooking or childcare unfairly on women. Grose start building her credibility with reputable sources or personal facts, citing statistical or other convincing facts, and successfully came to the point of emotional appeals. In the end, her attempts to readers’ appeals by emotions weaken her credibility and argument.

In his article, Grose set the stage first by clearly describing the house’s task- cleaning with her husband’s help. After that, she draws a comparison to the larger feminist issue. Furthermore, she discusses few reasons that how men neglect to contribute to the cleaning process. In the advertisement, the media praise men for contributing to childcare or cooking, but in reality, men never take part in the cleaning process. Grose suggests a possible solution; she creates a chart that divided the house chores based on ability or skill.

In addition to her ethos appeals, she focuses on the bulky form of appeal instead of logos, through many statistics facts as well as logical progressions of ideas. Grose points out the scenario of marriage life, also the house chores distributions. Grose proudly said that to overcome the task, my husband and I work together. However, the twist is he never cleaned the bathroom; this is the only house chore task that I managed. Also, dishes that nine times out of ten are the only reason my husband knows how the dryer and washer work in our apartment; from the day first to now, we work together and handle all the household tasks equally. Some facts show that Grose does more house chores as compared to her husband.

Furthermore, the article’s last statement represents that her husband weakens the argument. Back to the essay’s introduction hook, a strategy is frequently used for the conclusion. Grose chooses to return to her spouse’s dialog amusingly: Grose examines many arrangements. Also, she said I wagered my spouse would purchase one.” Returning to her marriage and husband is an offer to the ethos of individual validity. While that works well within the presentation, within the conclusion, it needs the quality and earnestness that the subject merits and given prior within the article.

Grose starts the essay by convincing her pursuers of the unjustifiable dispersion of home-maintenance cleaning labor successfully; she loses her control within the end, where she most should drive domestic her contention. Peruses can see the issue exists in both her marriage and all through the world; be that as it may, her move to humor and mockery makes the peruse not take the issue as genuinely within the conclusion. Grose could have more truly driven domestic the point that a woman’s work may be done.

Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis is a kind of essay that evaluates or studies the literature in detail. However, the literary analysis essay thoroughly explains the elements of the subject that a writer chooses, ultimately showing how they relate to each other.

A literary essay, sometimes referred to only as an essay, is a short prose dissertation that analyzes or reflects on a subject of free choice and approach by the author. If you don’t want to know how to write, thus here is the example of a literary analysis essay that is provided below:

Death penalties

The death penalty has been applied since ancient times in different civilizations. Capital punishment was always used based on two arguments: as a form of punishment for the criminal and, at the same time, as a way of preventing other crimes.

You have to ask yourself if the crime, whatever it is, is worth losing your life and if this, in fact, reduces the incidence of similar offenses to some extent. It seems to try to correct the violence with more violence. On the one hand, some studies indicate that keeping a prisoner sentenced to death in jail is much more expensive than trying to rehabilitate him and reintegrate him into civil life if he meets a series of psychiatric requirements that make him eligible. On the other, many cases have shown that most inmates whose destiny is the death penalty did not have access to legal advice that would provide them with the advantages that a person with economic means would have. Thus, in the United States, many of these convicts are people of color, Latinos, and immigrants who had to depend on the state’s legal aid, which cannot provide the attention or the time that one of these cases requires.

More than 50 countries in 2020 still use the death penalty as a punishment, and others, although they maintain it, have not used it in the last ten years. You also have to talk about the humanity of the measure. Regardless of the crime, inciting death only leaves us trapped in an unstoppable cycle of violence. And the blood that they shed now falls into the hands of the state, which, sponsored by taxpayers’ taxes, sheds more blood and creates a policy of violence in its citizens that we will not have to explain to the new generations.

Global statistics on the death penalty application compared to its possible impact on reducing crime have also failed to show convincing results that can prove with certainty that this punishment stops the commission of crimes.

Critical Analysis Essay

An example of a critical essay seeks to analyze or interpret a book, a work of art, or a movie. A critical essay is quite different that is not the same as a review because, unlike a review, it encompasses an academic objective or objective. Students or professional critics shouldn’t just review a book or movie; they should argue and include academic observations within their essay template.

Overview of the” V for vendetta” film

One of the most acclaimed works of the great director James McTeigue entitled “V for vendetta,” released in 2005, represented a significant impact on the public of that time. This film tells the story of a mercenary who seeks freedom from England, plunged into conformity by a totalitarian state that oppresses its people. Its impact is not surprising since the world context was experiencing multiple terrorist attacks on large nations, constant wars in the Middle East and Latin America, in addition to the birth of multiple authoritarian states.

The most important feature of this film is its great political plot as it develops a fictional England dominated by an authoritarian and corrupt state; in addition to this in the tape, each character’s tragedies are represented, leading them to have the impulse to liberate your nation. It addresses mass control tactics, psychological profiles of those affected and even represents the physical damage that these practices can cause.

This film is one of the most impressive in its field; it has a significant plot development. However, the characters could be developed more thoroughly since their stories do not develop ultimately, generating many temporary gaps in the chronology. On the other hand, the development of the scenes in familiar environments and real situations causes the public to identify with the work enormously; we can notice this with the corrupt officials, the insecurity suffered by the protagonist in the streets, false friendships, and even extreme repression against dissatisfied people.

In the film, this work has material to carry out multiple sequels to the plot, thoroughly develop each character, and define each experiment. Once the cinematographic and historical aspects have been detailed, we can conclude that this work indeed obtained the acceptance and admiration that it should have. The tools used for its production were at the height of the plot; the excellent cast identified the public with the story told even though some characters had not been fully developed.

What certainly will remain for each of us after seeing the film is a sense of concern. This story takes place in a fictional context exaggerating real and tangible situations for each viewer, so it is shocking to think that this situation can occur in a nation without that we are aware.

Structure of Analytical essay

An essay is not clearly structured, but its outline usually includes:

  • Introduction: This is the starting part of the essay that brings the reader toward an issue that develops interest under consideration, prompting him to read the text to the end.
  • Body: At this point, the author puts forward theses, finds justification for them, thereby proving his point of view.
  • Conclusion: Summarizing what has been said in the central part, the author draws a general conclusion.

Wrapping up

The rules for an argumentative essay writing are very conditional, which allows the author to fully demonstrate creativity, non-standard and flexible thinking, the ability to express ideas in writing and convincingly argue his point of view.

The analysis is understood as a research method that allows you to study specific parts of an object. Usually, analytical essays analyze a specific problem: consider the problem itself and identify patterns in it. The analysis object can be a well-known or little-studied scientific phenomenon, scientific or artistic work, a historical event, a social problem, or something else. If the teacher gave you a too broad topic or provided you with the opportunity to choose the essay’s topic, we recommend that you dwell on one small question that can be considered on several pages.

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